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Are you experiencing frequently clogged drains? Do you suspect tree roots have penetrated your pipes? Call E-Z Plumbing and Drain for fast and efficient high pressure hydro jetting in Payson, UT and the entire Utah County. Call (385)325-1687 to schedule a service appointment.
While there are many ways to clean your drains, the only technique to completely return the inner lining of your pipe to a near-original condition is through the powerful method of hydro jetting. At E-Z Plumbing and Drain, our state of the art equipment can blast streams of high pressured water via your drain. This can effectively clear out even the most stubborn clogs, including tree roots and inorganic material. We always ensure that every jetting project works effectively without causing further damages to your sewer line and water line.

We use HD Video Inspection Cameras prior to hydro jetting to inspect your blocked drain and what might have caused the blockage. A video inspection camera allows our team to assess the issue and recommend whether or not hydro jetting is the ideal solution for your clogged drain. No matter what type of drain problem you are experiencing, we will take care of it with our most reliable method of drain cleaning, hydro jetting. We are available to attend to any emergencies. Call us today at (385)325-1687 to schedule a service appointment.

Top 4 Benefits of Professional Hydro Jetting in Payson, UT and Beyond

Our Hydrojetting Process

Hydrojetting is a highly efficient and eco-friendly method of drain cleaning that provides long-lasting results. By choosing E-Z Plumbing and Drain for hydrojetting services, you can trust that our experienced technicians will utilize the latest equipment and techniques to clean your drains and restore proper flow thoroughly. Contact us today to schedule a hydrojetting service and experience the benefits of a clear and efficient plumbing system. Our hydrojetting process involves the following steps:
Our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your plumbing system using specialized cameras and equipment. This assessment helps us identify the location and severity of the clogs or blockages within your pipes.
Before beginning the hydrojetting process, we take precautions to protect your property. We may use tarps or protective covers to shield nearby surfaces, ensuring that the high-pressure water used during hydrojetting remains contained within the drain system.
We locate the appropriate access point to access the affected drain, such as a cleanout or access panel. This access point allows us to insert the hydrojetting equipment into the plumbing system.
Our technicians insert a specialized nozzle connected to a high-pressure hose into the access point. This nozzle is designed to emit powerful jets of water in multiple directions. The hose is connected to a hydrojetting machine that generates water pressure ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 PSI (pounds per square inch).
Once the hydrojetting equipment is in place, we initiate the cleaning process. The high-pressure water is released through the nozzle and propelled throughout the pipe. The force of the water is capable of breaking apart and dislodging even the most stubborn clogs, debris, grease, and tree roots that have accumulated within the pipes. The water jets thoroughly scour the pipe walls, ensuring a complete cleaning.
As the hydrojetting process progresses, the dislodged debris is flushed out of the plumbing system. The powerful water flow carries the debris away, leaving your pipes clean and free from obstructions.
After completing the hydrojetting process, we conduct a final inspection to ensure the clogs have been successfully removed and the drain flows freely. We may perform additional camera inspections to verify the effectiveness of the cleaning and identify any remaining issues.
Once the hydrojetting process is finished, we clean up the work area and restore any access points that were opened. Our goal is to leave your property in the same condition as when we arrived, with your plumbing system functioning optimally.

6 Warning Signs You Need Professional Hydro Jetting

Hydrojetting is a highly effective method of drain cleaning that utilizes high-pressure water to clear stubborn clogs and buildup from your plumbing system. If you’re experiencing any of the following signs, it may be time to consider professional hydrojetting:
If you notice any of these signs, it is advisable to consult with a professional plumbing company, like ours at E-Z Plumbing and Drain, to assess the situation and determine if hydrojetting is the appropriate solution for your specific needs. Our experienced technicians will utilize state-of-the-art hydrojetting equipment to clear your drains thoroughly, ensuring optimal performance and preventing future plumbing issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydro Jetting

Yes, hydrojetting is a safe and effective method of drain cleaning when performed by trained professionals. The high-pressure water used in hydrojetting is powerful enough to remove stubborn clogs and debris, yet it is carefully controlled to prevent damage to your pipes. Our experienced technicians at E-Z Plumbing and Drain are skilled in assessing the condition of your plumbing system and adjusting the pressure accordingly to ensure a safe and thorough cleaning.
The duration of the hydrojetting process depends on various factors, including the severity of the clogs and the length of the affected pipes. Generally, a typical hydrojetting session can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. Our team at E-Z Plumbing and Drain strives to work efficiently while ensuring a thorough cleaning to have your drains back in optimal condition as quickly as possible.
Hydrojetting is a highly effective method for clearing stubborn clogs and blockages in your drains. In most cases, it can successfully remove debris, grease, roots, and other obstructions, restoring proper flow. However, there may be instances where additional repairs or treatments are required. For example, if your pipes have structural damage or severe corrosion, hydrojetting alone may not be sufficient, and pipe repairs or replacements may be necessary. Our team will assess the condition of your plumbing system and provide the appropriate recommendations to address any underlying issues.
If you have more questions about hydrojetting or would like to schedule a hydrojetting service, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team at E-Z Plumbing and Drain. We are here to provide you with expert advice and reliable drain cleaning solutions to keep your plumbing system functioning optimally.

We’re Here to Help!

Hydro Jetting is a safe and natural way to get rid of stoppages both in the present and in the future. At E-Z Plumbing and Drain, we are committed to getting the job done right the first time. You can count on us to not only complete your Payson, UT drain cleaning properly, but to also get it done in a timely manner. Contact our team today at (385)325-1687 to learn more about professional hydro jetting in Utah County and surrounding areas.



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I needed my water heater replaced and submitted a job request online and I received a prompt call from Jeremy. We set up a time for him to meet at my home and look at my setup and he had everything with him to replace my water heater. He was professional, friendly, and was very respectful of working in my home. I'm a happy customer and my family appreciates the quick replacement too. I would recommend E-Z plumbing and Drain.
- TJ Finlinson
Honest company to work with. Available whenever needed. Quick and very affordable. Other companies wanted us to pay way more than what the problem actually costs. We appreciate you, Jeremy. Thank you so much. Would definitely recommend again for the near future!!
- Justine Faatili
Jeremy did a great job! He was quick to respond and we didn't have to wait for more than a day for him to come in and install our new faucet. He is very professional and did a great job. We will for sure use him again for all of plumbing issues in the future!
- Masha Veatch
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